Online Resources: SCIENCE

Use this page to post links to useful online science resources.

Websites for the Biology eClassroom

  • Cells Alive! - Interactive activities for cell biology, microbiology, immunology, & microscopy.
  • Cell Biology Animations - This website has some broken links, but still has many useful animations. The Viral Entry and Replication page has a good tutorial on influenza infection, which ties in nicely with use of current science news events.
  • Biology I Animations - This is an older site, but still has many useful resources.
  • The Biology Place - Classic Edition - An oldie but goodie. The BioCoach activities are great and the LabBench activities support the 12 Advanced Placement (AP) labs recommended by the College Board.
  • The Biology Project - University of Arizona website. Excellent interactive activities.
  • DNAi - Excellent interactive DNA activities.
  • Enzyme Animation - Northland College website.
  • Genetic Science Learning Center - University of Utah website. Excellent interactive activities. The Virtual Labs are excellent.
  • John Kyrk Biology Animations - Another oldie but goodie. Check out the cell respiration-related animations.
  • Scientific Animations - Harvard Life Sciences Outreach Program. Check out the great Action Potential animation/tutorial on the Neurobiology page.
  • Scitable - Sponsored by Nature Education. Collaborative site with emphasis on genetics.
  • Understanding Evolution - University of California at Berkeley website. Comprehensive information about evolutionary biology.
  • WebWorldWonders - Florida State University website. Check out the interactive dichotomous keys