The Galloway School

MacBook Roll-out Schedule

We are conducting two roll-out sessions after school each day in the Advanced Technology Lab (ATL); one from 3:30 - 4:15, and another from 4:15 - 5:00. Each 45-minute session has room for 4 faculty members. Sign up below for the time and day that works best for you. During this session, the tech staff will setup your new computer for you, help get your data transferred onto it, show you some quick basics, and address any questions or concerns you might have. (The purpose of this session is not "training". Until we offer some training classes, your best resource for Macbook training is this website: Apple Tutorials)

Please sign up to please reserve your slot now! We need to get the roll-out process wrapped up ASAP.

To sign up, type your full name into any of the available green time slots below, and press ENTER to accept. Please be careful not to edit or remove any existing sign-ups in the grid. Remember to put the date and time for your MacBook Roll-out session on your calendar, we will not be sending out reminders. If you miss your scheduled appointment, you will have to sign up again and will lose your spot in the queue.

  • IMPORTANT: Please show up ON TIME...meaning 3:30 for session 1 or 4:15 for session 2. Showing up late will delay the whole process for everyone, and you will miss out on some critical information!!
  • LOCATION: We will be meeting in the Advanced Technology Lab in the Fine Arts Center